For the Club Library book delivery service, please follow the following steps:

1.       At the bottom of the Library page, click on one of the red buttons to select the catalogue for each type of book
2.       Make a note of the author and title of up to three books you would like to borrow
3.       Send your list to and it will be forwarded to Anne. The deadline for your wish list is Wednesday before 16.00
4.       Anne will arrange for the books to be delivered to you at home on Thursday. 

• The British Club library offers a wide selection of English language books and is situated off the atrium of the Pastoral Centre, with easy, ground-floor access. 

• New fiction, biography and non-fiction books are purchased three times per year and may be borrowed at no extra cost by BCH members.

• New books may be borrowed for a period of four weeks; books which have been in the collection for more than three months may be renewed for another four weeks.​​​

• Suggestions for any new books you would like to see in the library are also very welcome at, as are any questions or comments about the library.

• The most up to date library catalogues can be accessed by clicking on the red boxes below. There are also printed versions available in the Pastoral Centre.

The British Club of The Hague