The British Club of The Hague 

By clicking on the links below you may read about some of the talks enjoyed by members of the British Club.


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, part 2 - Dr Lesley Robertson

Robbie Burns - Dawn Macfarlane

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, part 1- Dr Lesley Robertson

Rembrandt - Jane Choy

Holiday with 'Knit for Peace' - Maggie Sanderson

Felixstowe to Cape Town: five people, five months – and fifty years ago! - Bart Fontein

Nierstichting: presentation by the BCH charity for 2018-2019

"A Special Education" in Oxford in the early 1950s - Peter Loader

A Nurse in the Forces - Di Millard

Zadkine - Rachel van der Wilden

Art and Music through Nine Decades - John Macfarlane

'A Morning with Mozart' - Sue and John Macfarlane and friends

HIV and its treatment in The Netherlands - Dr D Pajkrt

An Ambassador's Life - Jan Piet Kleiweg de Zwaan

How the Southern Continents fit together – and how they came apart - Colin Reeves

BCH Charity of the Year 2017-2018 - Haags Dierencentrum

Smetana's Life - a String Quartet - The Marlot Quartet

To Save a Life - Loek Caspers

Feuding sisters, literary giants: A.S. Byatt and Margaret Drabble - Rachel van der Wilden

People always look for a reason: some medicines and their history - Prof. Adam Cohen

Viruses: what they are and how to combat them - Dawn Macfarlane

Dreams captured in glass: glass paperweights - Henri Rooijmans

Ellen's lifelong love of art - Ellen Goldman

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT): BCH charity for 2016-17 - Paul Uithol

Norwich Library fire: from ashes grow the shoots - Hilary Hammond

Britain and the EU - Martyn Bond