A non-political and secular club open to anyone who has an affinity with British culture


​Monthly Talks
Talks are held at the club on the first Friday of the month. See the calendar for details. Click here for reviews of some past talks.

Topical Discussion Group
Come and join us and keep those little grey cells working. We meet on the second Friday of every month from 10:45-12:00. See the calendar for details of the subject.​

Readers’ Discussion Group
This group provides you with an opportunity once a month to talk through a book that has been selected as potentially rewarding and thought provoking. Members of the Readers’ Discussion Group look forward to a lively exchange of reactions to the ‘Book of the Month’. We meet on the fourth Friday of every month from 10:45-12:00. See the calendar for details of the book.

Mahjong Group
The Mahjong Group meets every Friday at the club and would love to welcome new members. You don’t have to be experienced; we can start you off with the basics of this fascinating game.

​Improve Your Bridge
Under John’s expert guidance you are welcome to “Improve Your Bridge” every Friday at the club from 12:00.

Crafts Mornings
If you have a new craft project you would like to discuss, or want to have company while you knit, sew or crochet, come and join Judy and Kathleen for ninety minutes of good-humoured practical work. See the calendar for details.

Film Group
As well as being able to see recently released films at the cinema with friends, the Film Group also offers the opportunity to chat over a cup of coffee and sometimes over lunch.
The Film Group is open to all.
Contact: activities@britishclubofthehague.com

Visits and walks
The club organises visits to places of interest such as museums and exhibitions. Easy walks take place in The Hague and surrounding areas. See the calendar for details. Please sign-up at the club or send an email to  activities@britishclubofthehague.com.  Click here for reviews of previous visits and walks.

​Antiques Group
This group organises visits to antiques markets and fine-art auctions and holds “Antiques Roadshows” at the club. Contact: activities@britishclubofthehague.com