A non-political and secular club open to anyone who has an affinity with British culture

Membership & how to join

If you have an affinity with British culture, membership of BCH offers the chance to make new friends and join in a range of activities with a friendly and supportive group. This website is designed to show you the wide range of events and activities offered during the year.

As a Club Member, you become part of a group of varied nationalities and ages, with a regular meeting place and managed on a democratic basis by a small Committee of Members. We keep in touch through our website, Facebook page and group, a monthly Club Calendar, and a weekly newsletter by mail.

If you are thinking of joining the Club, we encourage you to visit us first to have a look around and meet some of our Members. Please check the Calendar beforehand. You can also contact our Membership Secretary at membership@britishclubofthehague.com so that we know to look out for you.

Becoming a Member takes two easy steps: complete the Membership Application; and make a bank transfer to the Club Account with your first annual subscription. You can download the form and bring it with you to the Club, or complete it online and submit it.

The subscription is €95.00 for a full year, payable each year in February at the start of the Club’s financial year. New Members will be charged pro rata, should the starting date commence after February, plus a single administration fee of €15.00.  Before making your first payment, please contact the Membership Secretary to check the amount you need to pay.

The Club’s IBAN is NL35 ABNA 05129 90832.

Once we have received your completed Membership form and subscription, we will send you a Welcome Pack including membership card.